Development is not linear

Notes and musings for ?
Ideas jump back and forth and pieces get out of sequence, they fit into a narrative only with ‘hindsight’ and editing and sometimes not at all.
My work is about personal development- it is inward not outward looking- which way is the work evolving? Have faith in a wealth of ideas – have an idea and there is always another stage of development.
Observation – in the context of observation
Lack of conscious thought while making, use a state of play, letting yourself go, forgetting who you are, not observing what you are doing.
Later, there will be time for the critical aspect – be conscious of that and store it for a later moment.
Be constructive
Is it doing what I want it to do? Is it something different? Is it more interesting? What does it need? Which is the way forward?
There may be a realisation that the same idea keeps recurring but like in the process of trying to make yourself understood in a foreign language, try the idea from any number of different ways – try not to shout. aim to clarify the intentions, what is the idea trying to state.
Some times ideas do not seem to work, rest it, or change the material/medium for that particular idea.
Start a period of open-ended research with no particular outcome-
Work on drawing for a year or two in an investigative intuitive way-
Abstract drawings – a period of free-fall where you allow free rein; scary, frustrating and full of doubt and uncertainty – it feels like the ground is constantly shifting. Eventually a group of potential subjects will emerge.
In summary, it is like trying to solve a cryptic crossword clue – wrestle with the idea constantly- think about it from all angles- you can come at it again and again going over the same ground until it grips you. This process of searching is essential and the process of becoming clear and sure can become more familiar and enjoyable

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